by Todd Camplin

Another year is coming to a close, so it is a good time to reflect on some events
and shows this year that are worth remembering. The year started out strong at Re
Gallery's exhibition of Ricardo Paniagua. This outspoken artist manages to stir a
little controversy in social media while surprising others with his range of work.
True he occasionally borrows ideas, but other times I see him taking a great deal
of risks. I was glad to see his show at Big Medium - Canopy during the Austin
Studio Tour weekends. It was the first time I really had a chance to see a variety
of his hard edge paintings and sculptures in one place.
This was a great year for painting. Trey Egan at Cris Worley Fine Art was one of the best solo
shows.  For me, his work slowly grows on you. The more I looked at the marks, the more pattern
and movement I was able to discover. I soon got in tune with his rhythm of painting and I look
forward to seeing a new batch soon.
My former professor, Vincent Falsetta, has made significant development in his paintings, and this
year I must have seen three shows with his work adding to the dialogue of works in abstraction.
Angela Kallus’ caked on paintings in the last show I saw at Marty Walkers was another beginning
of the year show stopper. Kallus’ pastry style roses in paint on board is not something I would
normally care about, but Kallus makes them so desirable.
Ricardo Paniagua - "AL-113" - Media Poly Chromed Cast Resin
- 7.5"x10"x1.5"

Trey Egan - Once You Go Withey, You Never Go Withoutey
Liliana Bloch started her own gallery this year inside the Public Trust space. Her aesthetics don’t
always match my own, but she always curates thoughtfully. And I find myself second guessing
my assumptions about what Bloch chooses to show. But if you ask me which was the most soulful,
minimally beautiful, and mesmerizing, I would have to say Linnea Glatt’s show at Barry Whistler.
A pure joy to see. Books, threads, white, shred, Glatt had all the quiet elements that made
for a truly memorable show and a memorable ART year for Dallas!
Installation View - Angela Kallus
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Linnea Glatt - Sweet Sorrow 2013, Bound Fabric - 9 1/2 x 8"