at Zhulong Gallery through October 11
by Todd Camplin  

A fairly new space has emerged on Dragon Street, Zhulong Gallery. The front of the gallery is all glass
coated with white. I must say it has been a while since I have seen a front entrance of a gallery space
that builds up my expectations to go look inside. I visited a few times, interacted with the staff, put my
email in their wall table guestbook, climbed upstairs, and peeked in every space they would let me.
I came away excited about the space. I could tell this gallery was going to have some focus on new
media artists and further research from their site confirmed this fact.
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Currently they are showing James Geurts. An artist that plays in several media, Geurts reflects in
his work the rhythms of the earth and water. While looking at the work Drawing In, Drawing Out:
Sydney Harbour I wondered if he needs to hear BBC Radio 4 Shipping Forecast to fall asleep.
Though clinical, his drawing was soothing and calming. I found the recorded movements in
his drawing familiar and primal while also scientific and rational. Geurts mixes data driven
images with a strange, slightly spiritual connection. I could imagine a modern day animist
commissioning Geurt to create a project like his solstice site specific light installation Magnetic
Eclipse. Geurts' photo doesn’t capture the magic of the event, but rather is more document
of what happened. Thus, like any artifact, this image can’t tell the whole story, so I just felt sorry
I missed it. I thought Drawing: Horizon was also an installation shot, on the ocean shore, but
I felt enough information was revealed to make this work readable as an art piece and an
artifact. 90 Degress Equatorial Project moved beyond artifact and into the realm of
conceptual art with this global installation event. In this installation, Geurts creates the
four corners of the earth by placing his object on the far stretches of the planet earth. It
was fun to look these places up on Google maps and follow Geurts' trip along the equator.  
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contemporary art space. It is clear to me that Zhulong is succeeding at its goal. James Geurts’
show titled Re-Surveying: Measuring Site will run through October 11th. The gallery’s next show
is Systema, a group show with artists: Hiba Ali, Erika Blumenfeld, Varvara Guljajeva, Mar Canet,