at Craighead Green Gallery through march29
by Todd Camplin   

Because I often come into the Dallas Design District from the south, I find myself entering Dragon Street
from the Continental Avenue side. Therefore, I almost inevitably visit Craighead Green Gallery first.
Although top on my list, I can’t imagine ever skipping it. Their current show of James Zwadlo made
the visit all the more rewarding.
I was instantly drawn in by Zwadlo’s sea of people crossing the street. These paintings are from the
perspective of his office window, so you see the tops of people’s heads. All the works reminded me
of the ant farm I had as a child. I would watch for hours as ants moved dirt and stored food while
navigating around other ants. Zwadlo’s people all have personal destinations in mind and they
have to navigate around other people with different goals. One painting had a dog walker which
was breaking up the natural motion of people crossing the street. Another had a group of bikers
moving around each other. In a few works, Zwadlo breaks his pattern up by painting on two or
several canvases to tell the same story of people crossing the street. One would expect a kind of
pause to the action between works, but for me I felt more tension between each painting.
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James Zwadlo "Pedestrians 387"   48" x 48"   mixed media on canvas
Craighead Green did a great service to Zwadlo’s paintings by clustering them in their center
gallery space. Zwadlo’s crowds of people took on much more intensity. Two other shows are
up at the gallery, Jerry Cabrera’s paintings seem like portraits of lightsabers. Of course, that

James Zwadlo "Pedestrians 338" 30" x 40" mixed media on canvas
James Zwadlo, Pedestrian Series, (detail) 24x96, oil on canvas