Special “Eye” to Watch
June Mattingly // contributing art writer

Jeff Zilm’s “A Social Acid (leaked), A Terminal Edit (4),
the Saps at Sea and Additional Research
(Bernadine Dohrn)” at Marty Walker’s
through February 12

This is Jeff’s second solo exhibition in this gallery for which he entered seven film paintings and
new work from the Password Series and Arrow Heads. Jeff’s full-time occupation is in the Rights
and Reproductions department of the Dallas Museum of Art.
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“I EAT A SOCIAL ACID,” 2010, acrylic on canvas, 120 x 4 inches
His canvas paintings exude a sort of ghostly, mysterious and curious presence. It so interesting  
to learn how he makes these minimalist sophisticated and  successful paintings by actually
transferring completely cut up films from reel  to canvas. His method to do this is a
complicated and personal invention  through chemical destabilization. First he extracts
sound and image data from the  celluloid base of a reel of film and binds it with an acrylic
emulsion. Then he  finalizes the process by literally re-projecting the film onto a canvas with
an industrial paint sprayer. In each painting he keeps a  strict 1:1 ratio – one film equals one
painting. The particular photographer is  not of consequence except to the artist.
Errand boy
The striking painted Password wall works purposefully to fill in an inordinate amount of wall
space in extreme horizontality measuring 10 feet by four inches in height. The text symbolizes
“passwords” imagined by the artist like “I EAT A SOCIAL ACID,” a once  valid password for
Jeff’s email account. Arrow Heads is a series of small iron-on transfer paintings of Neolithic
arrowheads to be documented in a book about to be published this year, his first book.
Bell Boy
A 2008 Chinati Foundation artist-in-residence, quite an honor, Jeff graduated with a BA
from the University of North Texas and has shown in group shows including Texas Nexus at
the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, the Dallas Museum of Art and the Jewish
Museum, New York.
Marty Walker  Gallery
2135 Farrington St. Dallas TX 75207