at Galleri Urbane through November 08th
by Todd Camplin

Not since Tom Friedman, have I seen an artist make the ordinary, extraordinary;
but Jessica Drenk's approach is fresh and polished. Her work is created from pencils,
pages of books, and scrap wood. I am happy to see Galleri Urbane featuring Drenk
in a solo show.
Drenk’s work reminds me of landscapes, objects, and shape I observed on my trip across the
western United States by car. I could have sworn I encountered a rock structure that resembles
her pencil “Implement” sculptures in the foot hills of the Rocky Mountains. But these works also
seem to reference the shape of pottery or possibly once functional objects. Maybe the shape
and earthy colors make me see these objects through the lens of a potter. The fact that these
new shapes are carved pencils, which had a particular purpose, and are now a part of
Drenk’s sculpture, also speaks to their residual feeling of use.
Bibliophylum and Cerebral Mapping are earthy, but also use text to help draw you into a web of
information. I enjoy how the material of the Cerebral Mapping is made of book pages, but nothing
like an ordinary altered book approach. You can see that the information is almost shredded on
the wall and clumped together to form interesting patterns. These vine like shapes seem similar to
nerve cells or maybe how a book looks after philosopher Derrida deconstructs its words. To me,
Drenk is creating a physical manifestation, of his philosophic approach to reading. The
Bibliophylum installation feels like a folky collection of shaped wood and as you approach
the piece you notice that the stripes are really strips of words.
Implement 9 - 2012
cedar pencils - 25" x 24" x 19"
Drenk has works called “Procession” which were once contained into rectangle formats, but the
rectangle is broken in this exhibition with Star War spaceship like shapes. The work is comprised of
small pieces of what looks to be left over scrap pieces from maybe a furniture factory floor, then
recycled and reassembled into sculpture. I see a little Louise Nevelson in these pieces, only Drenk
does not paint her sculptures, but leaves the wood in the raw.  
Morph, 2012
Acrylic on canvas
40 x 48 inches
Bibliophylum: Installation 1
pieces of books and wax pinned to wall
105" x 44"

Procession 23 - 2011
pine wood - 60" x 20"
Galleri Urbane will be exhibiting Jessica Drenk’s work until November 8th. Drenk is quite an
accomplished artist with an array of awards and achievements. And next weekend on
October 13th, Michael Berman’s photography will be up. The reception for this
Guggenheim Fellow will open that Saturday from 5-9pm.


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