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Shawn Saumell returns with two bodies of work, a ply and in a moment…for a moment, asking us to
reconsider our understanding of photography and perception. With a ply, Shawn explores our
perceptions of reality and the way photographs "represent" that reality. On one level, these are
simply images of tissues suspended in space and photographed. But they are much more than
pictures "of" tissues. Disassociated from its original context, the physical reality of the tissue transforms
into something else. Undulating, overlapping planes float in a mysterious space and appear as
anything from metaphysical landscapes to conceptual architecture. As Shawn explains, "A clean
pure energy is charged from the taint of our daily lives teetering on the idea of an aesthetic truth."
in a moment…for a moment explores our notion of time and moments. It is often said that photographs
capture "moments," but what is a moment? And can we capture a moment to dwell in it without the
effects of time? We think of moments as points in time, distinct from the past and the future. Such
moments, though, are meaningful only in light of our memories of the past and our expectations
for the future. Neither past nor future, each moment becomes the past in an instant—in a moment?
—as we flow, unceasing, into the future. These images, themselves captured moments, evoke
the ephemeral nature of time and memory and question what it means to exist in a moment.

Grind, Shawn Saumell