John Adelman - Trace Evidence
by Todd Camplin

Worthy attention needs to be placed on this artist, John Adelman whose show
Trace Evidence is currently on view at Holly Johnson and will run through August 20.
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45,328 (Nails) - 48.25 x 30
Adelman follows the tradition of rule-based art, with systems derived from mathematics,
logic, personal, and/or consequential rules. So disciplined is this work that it could be
mistaken as computer generated but don’t be fooled, this is where John Adelman’s
brilliance lies.
Inventory - 2011 -50x36
His mark-making dominates the visual experience by repeating forms and motifs (the
traced nail and the written word continue to be evident), combined with excruciatingly
micromanaged detail. He also uses an arsenal of tools to add texture to many of the
works background surfaces; yet in other works, the surfaces remain pristine. The
compulsive and accumulative quality of much of this work makes it clear that they are
labor intensive and precise, mirroring the methodologies of rule-based art.

As John’s work deals with language one may make reference to the 3000 BCE cuneiform
script, or one may see a post-structural writer at work, deconstructing text. Finally as you
step back the full rich image will come into view.

Adelman is fast becoming a rising star in the art world. Recently John Adelman has
been featured in many noteworthy solo exhibitions such as: Drawings, Multlu Art
Gallery in Istanbul, Turkey (2011); Bystander, Galerie Luzanky, Brno, Czech Republic
(2010); The Word, Breckenridge Art Center, Breckenridge, Tx (2011); Barometer,
University of Dallas, Dallas, Tx (2010); The Drawing Room, The Galveston Art Center,
Galveston, Texas (2008) and the BIG Show and Drawing In Space, Lawndale
Art Center, Houston, Texas (2008).
110514 nails- 2009 -36.25x36
View the exhibition at the Holly Johnson Gallery located at 1411 Dragon Street in Dallas.
Gallery hours are 11 to 5 pm, Tuesday - Saturday. Founding Member of CADD - Contemporary
Art Dealers of Dallas. For more information please call 214-369-0169, or visit the gallery website
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