José-María Cano
at Kristy Stubbs Gallery Pop-Up through May 31
by Todd Camplin

Thursday night, Kristy Stubbs Gallery Pop-Up at Highland Park Village featured London artist José-María
Cano’s encaustic paintings. In grad school, I wrote a paper on Cano and how his work moved through
the commodity chain of the art world. However, I will not bore you with a clinical analysis of his work
through an academic lens.
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Early on, José-María Cano studied the visual arts, but then he became a member of the pop
band Mecano. As a singer, Cano began collecting art and developing a taste and personal
aesthetic. When the band broke up, and his wife divorced, Cano embarked on a painting
career. His interests in art history and his experience with encaustic in the past lead Cano to
begin working with the wax painting technique. His paintings are thick with wax, and the
surface is bumpy with small craters. His paints look like Pop Art Conceptualism , in other words,
someone that takes popular pictures and then re-contextualizes the image with philosophical
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This show features some of the works based off of his divorce papers. His wife had the same lawyer
Divore Papers - Installation View
Cano Divorce