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by Todd Camplin

RO2 just took down the very strange show of Joshua Goode and also removed the foliage
paintings by Erika Duque. The weirdness continues on December 9th with the creatures of
Mark Burt and the surrealist type paintings of Georganne Deen. I just caught the shows
of Goode and Duque on their last day, but I felt I still had to write about them. Besides,
I am looking forward to seeing the upcoming shows too.
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Joshua Goode created armor and weapons out of toys. You might think Goode is making
post-Pop-apocalyptic art, but his art concept is more of a satire on archaeology. Goode
creates alternative cultures that he “finds” and then displays as his “discoveries.” This must
be Goode’s biggest “find” to date. A pegasus and rider, fully armored, in the center of the
room. Goode used cardboard and cardstock paper to make his armor. He painted it all
gold, but the original material is still visible. The wings of the Pegasus showed that the
cardboard came from The Simpsons’ packaging. Part of the Pegasus armor was made
of baseball cards. The warrior had toy trucks painted gold as a breastplate. The corresponding
works on paper and other sculptures bolstered the idea that his art is really from this fictional
culture. Sure this  is fun art, but at the heart of it is a critique of our display culture that has
the habit of robbing graves in search for knowledge of the past. I am sure a person from
thousands of years ago saw their ordinary objects in a museum, they would think
we were crazy.

Mark Burt comes at us with an alien world which looks to be filled with fascinating, yet somewhat
ugly creatures. I expect to see creatures with the gleam of intelligence peeking out from behind
masks of horror. Burt is tapping into a similar idea that Goode has created. Both create a fiction
that drives and motivates their work. They are building worlds were characters and cultures spring
out of their imagination with the goal to play heavier themes. Goode plays with display and Burt
plays with the inability to be happy due to outside agitation. Georganne Deen takes on darker
themes of abuse and power imbalance in her surreal inspired paintings.

If you want to see Joshua Goode and Erika Duque’s work at RO2, sorry you just missed them.
However, if you’re still hungry for some weirdness then RO2 serves it up again with Mark Burt
and Georganne Deen. Don’t wait too long, Mark Burt and Georganne Deen will only be up
through January 6th.
Erika Duque had the perfect space for her jungle of plant paintings. These paintings were my
7-year-old daughter’s favorite from all the galleries we visited. I was quite taken by them myself.
Which is odd, because I normally don’t respond to this kind of work. Maybe stepping into my
daughter’s shoes for a moment helped me see green rendered leaves as something more
complex than I originally gave credit. The small room also seemed to create a kind of
greenhouse effect where I felt surrounded by Duque plants. I began to appreciate
the brushstrokes and layering of paint.
Mark Burt
Joshua Goode

Erika Duque