at Cydonia through December 27th
by Todd Camplin  

On Payne Street a new vision for the Dallas gallery scene is taking form. From the outside, bold boxie letters
declare TEXAS MILL EQUIP. CO. but the gallery space is called Cydonia, directed by Hanh Ho. The gallery’s
first show featured ideas on masculinity with several artists participating in the question of what new
boundaries might be emerging. The current show features the work of Julieta Aguinaco and her
exploration of the experience of time.
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It may not be too obvious that the show is about experiencing time and space, but Julieta
Aguinaco leaves the viewer a great number of clues. Notably, the rack of clothes with
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Aguinaco imagines time experienced of the soil, structures, and political climates in her landscape
paintings. Border walls and gates hold a prominent position in these images, but the barriers are

Pre-hispanic Mexico, Colonial Mexico, Modern Mexico, 2013, Acrylic on Canvas
To My Daughter, 2013, 101 Dresses
Ancient Seabeds Young Horizons #1, 2014, Acrylic on Canvas