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Special “Eye” to Watch
June Mattingly // contributing art writer

Celesta T. Segerstrom

“I’ve been an artist all my life, even drawing childhood friends portraits for them in 2nd grade
and 3rd grade and drawing paper doll clothes for our paper dolls.” Not all art is shown in
conventional places such as the stunning, hard-to-believe totally handmade paper dresses
by Celesta on view for three months in the widows of Clotheshorse Anonymous (where she
does the marketing), Dallas’ largest high end resale clothing store in the northwest quadrant
where Preston and Forest meet. I first learned of this artist however in a very different role –
as an artist contributing to the Madi Museum’s exhibit “Geometric Abstractions/Works on
Paper” on display until September 26.
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Paper Valentino
This amazingly accomplished commercial artist’s working background centered in
New York in high positions on television advertising and product design, along with
film and illustration with illustrious clients in hers and others’ firms such as Colgate-
Palmolive, Clairol, Lipton and El Chico. Later, while living in Nevada she became
in-house advertising agent and muralist for Harrah’s Casinos, and she was awarded
three grants from the National Endowment for the Arts for paintings depicting historical
events in three separate County Courthouses. A job with a top advertising agency
brought her to Dallas and last year for Neiman-Marcus’ downtown store’s Christmas
windows, she designed and made the background murals, props and mannequins.
Paper Versace & Valentino
Since clothes for this store are one of a kind unlike regular retail outlets, Celesta arrived
at creating what to her was the logical solution for the summer windows– stylish, cool
white and recyclable paper dresses to reinforce their slogan “Hunt, Gather, Recycle”-
beautifully situated on four white graceful mannequins with “no personality.”
The setting in all white makes everything “anonymous”; paper sunglasses and sun
hats simply contribute to the theme. The upcoming, seasonal group of unusual poses,
differing surfaces, styles and fabric designs remain in Celestra’s imagination, what
she’s gifted with an unending amount.

“It’s funny to think that after all these years I am back doing paper dolls, sort of the
like I did as a kid only three dimensionally now.”

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