Special “Eye” to Watch
June Mattingly // contributing art writer

Jerry Cabrera

Another talent on the real rise is Jerry Cabrera whose electrifying paintings magically filled the
glass enclosed, naturally lit front space of the Dragon Street landmark Craighead Green Gallery.
Born in Laredo in 1977, in 2004 the University of Texas in San Antonio awarded Jerry with an MFA
where he teaches painting and drawing. His eye-appealing artwork is in ten cities of Neiman-
Marcus stores and in the AT&T Collection in San Antonio.  He is represented in his home city at
the Joan Grona Gallery.  
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“With light color exists, and color itself denotes life. Light is also associated with knowledge,
hope, warmth and energy. In architecture light is utilized as an element of design. If you
consider how the architecture of the prison cells limited the amount of light that made
its way in, that light becomes more precious to the person in the cell or in solitary
confinement, Psychologically, this may have been the only element of hope present
in such an environment. Light is extremely important because it becomes the only
source of visual escape from imprisonment and isolation… We are free to experience
the vastness of light every day when we walk outside into the sun. This body of work
was influenced by those who were not, and are not free.”
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Craighead-Green Gallery     
1011 Dragon Street. Dallas Texas   75207
Cabrera positions illusionistic light in groupings of seductive “Light” paintings of horizontal
lightning rods of mesmerizing, shimmering colors occupying a contrasting background.
In all it is natural to react to the light entrenched beauty created and not important to
figure out if there’s a serious message to contemplate deep down in the artist’s heart
and mind.
As far back as the 60s, light as the actual medium in the hands of contemporary artists
in site-specific installations is remembered in the individualistic means of expression of
Dan Flavin, Robert Irwin and James Turrell. Light is a timely subject; Time magazine
recently did cover story of Thomas Edison’s miraculous invention of artificial light over
100 years ago.
“Haven Series,” 2010, oil on canvas, photograph courtesy Craighead Green
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