Special “Eye” to Watch
June Mattingly // contributing art writer

Russell Buchanan’s “Shipping Bags”
at Galleri Urbane through December 31

“Shipping Bags” is hardly an adequate description of this assembly of reconstructed, recycled
ordinary objects miraculously and unexpectedly transformed into sensual objects d’art. Russell
is a well-established Dallas architect and a furniture designer of note, as a side line, and
now a visual artist basking in a one-person in one of Dallas’ top galleries.
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This series of small scale pedestal sculptures are crafted from plastic packaging cushions –
the real thing- by the artist’s own hand. First he fully inflates the individual goods and
second, while in their rigid state he carefully coats them multiple times with a marble
dust based emulsion. The results captivate the eye, even more so when the medium
and technique are revealed, and proudly so. “The work takes on a look of porcelain,
the pieces are light and luscious with a stunning presence,” says Ree Willaford, gallery
This is Russell’s first real attempt to create art on a high enough level to show in a fine
gallery along with artists the caliber of Julie Speed. It is worth keeping a keen eye
on this talent.     
Russell graduated from Texas A&M School of Architecture, interned at HKS until he
opened his practice in 2003.  To lovers of contemporary architecture his residences
are easily identifiable. His collection of furniture pieces numbers over 50; “Spring Table”
is in the collection of the Dallas Museum of Art. To add to his multiple activities, Russell
is an adjunct professor at the University of Texas at Arlington.  
moderGalleri Urbane in Dallas
2277 Monitor St.  Dallas, Tx  75206