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Special “Eye” to Watch
June Mattingly // contributing art writer

"Small Abstract Painting" exhibit at
Barry Whistler's

"Small Abstract Painting, a 17-person group show up through August has a smidgen
of everything in the abstract department from expressionism to minimalism, geometric
to hard-edge. The experienced eyes and enormous contacts of Barry and one of the artists he
represents, John Pomara, organized this non-confrontational hot weather
show - medium, size, style and subject matter-wise.
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JOHN POMARA - Screen Play Study, 2010 - oil enamel on aluminum 23 1/4 x 16"
LORRAINE TADY - Yellow/Black, 2010 - oil on canvas 24 x 20"

John Pomara received his MFA from East Texas State University and serves as a professor
at the University of Texas at Dallas. For assistance in appreciating his deceptively
uncomplicated painting contribution, study this excerpt from his artist’s statement
titled Digital-dating. “In my continued investigation I desire to co-opt the use of the
digital in a conceptual maneuver to transform what appears as utopian architectural
schematics into a more graphic painterly state of appearance. With the globalization
of urbanism creating larger sprawling metropolises, the idea of ‘place’ takes on a visual
motif of design and state of flux.”        
Lorraine Tady received her M.F.A from S.M.U. and teaches at the University of Texas at
Dallas. Lorraine is definitely at a mature point in her committed career as evidenced in
her dominant, definitive abstracted miniature painting. “My work is an investigation.
The process employs diagramming, mapping, plan/elevation, cross-section,
translation/re-translation inquiry (or subverting the clarity theses systemic intentions
may imply) allowing my images to be intuitively found, extracted, analyzed, shifted,
represented in various arrays.”

Quote of the moment (out of Lorraine’s Artist Statement) by my dear friend Charles
Dee Mitchell, “to some extent all artists are dreaming…simply reorganizing and
rearranging their experience in and out of the world, and putting it back into their art.”
John Holt Smith -  Oculus - 24" x 24" - Acrylic enamel on aluminum
courtesy: William Campbell Contemporary Art
Barry Whistler Gallery
2909-B Canton St. Dallas TX 75226   
John Holt Smith received a B.F.A. from the University of California at Santa Barbara;
the studio of this Fort Worth native is behind the well-known Joe T. Garcia’s restaurant.
His work has appeared on the Neiman’s Christmas catalog cover, and in large scale
commissions for Terminal D of DFW Airport and the Joule Hotel in Dallas. His specialized
photo-editing process allows him to manipulate a cross-section of one of his
photographs of human eyes or brightly colored poppies, for example, into uniform
abstract concentric intricately layered circles that “shimmer.” He discovered through
his “ultra-methodical approach” a process (spectroscopy) that captures light from
an object in space and uses it to analyze its composition, position and rate of
movement in order to create a “multi-dimensional luminosity.”   
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