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Special “Eye” to Watch
June Mattingly // contributing art writer

Terry Falke

Considered one of the most accomplished landscape photographers ever, he has
achieved every artist’s dream come true – Terry Falke has a book “Observations on
an Occupied Wilderness; published by Chronicle Books in 2006 purchasable from
Amazon and from his Dallas dealer, Afterimage Gallery in the Quadrangle.  His show
is close to closing but Ben Breard, this gallery’s owner/director always stocks this show-
stopping, eye-popping photography as evidenced by “Just Stop, Texas,” a handsome
example of the images in his personal portrait of the sometimes unlikely, unique beauty
of America’s Southwest’s landscape. His present exhibition is composed of unpublished
images for an upcoming portfolio on the topic of “shelter.”
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Born in San Antonio in 1950, for over 30 years Falke has traveled all over the country
with the same Deardoff  8 x 10 inch camera. Preferring to keep technical details
within his control, he develops his own prints, now digital. Another artist’s coup,
his partial list of the museums holding his work: Dallas Museum of Art, Amon
Carter Museum in Fort Worth, Houston Museum of Fine Art and Harry Ransom
Center in Austin.     

“Untitled (Family Portrait),” Ludwig Schwarz, 2005, oil on canvas, 72 x 72
inches, 2 channel video
After meeting Ansel Adams in the 70s, Falke moved to California and joined
Adams’ The Friends of Photography in Carmel, the epicenter of landscape
photography at the time where he progressed from black and white to color.
New York followed to earn an MFA from Bard College where he studied with
Stephen Shore (born 1947) who had a very important influence on Falke.
In 1973 Shore established color photography as a medium in art photography,
at age 14 he sold three prints to Edward Steichen, director of the Metropolitan
Museum and, in 1976 the Museum of Modern Art exhibited his color work.

Falke resides in North Texas.
Tree House, West Texas
Hawthorne, Nevada
Just Stop, Texas
The Quadrangle #141
2800 Routh Street Dallas, TX 75201
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