Lance Letscher + Joan Winter
and in the project room Ana Serrano
at Conduit Gallery through November 12

Conduit Gallery has a three room solid show featuring artists Lance Letscher,
Joan Winter and in the project room Ana Serrano. The best thing about this show
is that these artists could not be more different, so you get a unique experience
as you travel  from room to room. From collage, to model structures, to sculptures
and etchings; the variety of objects and ideas at Conduit made my head spin.
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Lance Letscher’s show titled “needle in the hay” marks a different approach to
collage than I normally have seen from him. Usually I would have expected to
see collage cut-outs of geometric shapes that overlap with muted color schemes.
However, this shift of work surprised me with the spades of collage cut-outs
retaining their  shapes and reference to their  representational images. In other
words, he cut-out a train track and then placed the picture in the collage
without altering the image to fit another purpose. This shake up of style is really
quite exciting, because Letscher seems to be channeling one of the earliest
collage artists, Hannah Höch. The objects feel as random and skillfully messed
together, like a DADA artist would want a collage to be. Letscher also avoids
the trap of “seen one collage seen them all,” by his  sheer skill and experience
in selecting the images for each composition.
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Lance Letscher - The Night Kitchen - 2011, collage on masonite, 14x18”
Lance Letscher - Funny Landscape - 2011, collage on masonite, 40x60”

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Joan Winter’s work is less about selection and more about craft and objects. Winter’s
Joan Winter - Ambi-flux II - 2010, birds eye maple & Baltic birch, 26x58x36”

I have waited a while to write about Conduit Gallery, but to be honest, I could write about them