at the Dallas Contemporary through march 09
by Todd Camplin   

This weekend I saw one of the smartest curated shows I have seen, and at the Dallas Contemporary
no less. Les Misérables Post-Conceptual Art, was extremely strong in concept, in critical discourse,
and in execution.
I found the quotes by philosophers mixed in with art pieces to be refreshing, because the curator helps
the viewer add some context to the objects in the show. I know for me, my grad school years came
flooding back, because I read several books by these Post-Structuralist philosophers quoted in the
show. A real dialog between artists’ work occurred here and the show left me wishing a few art
historians had written some in-depth pieces on the show. Some highlights include Cerith Wyn
Evans’ neon words, Peter Halley’s colorful minimal painting, and digital decay works by John
Pomara. I was also excited to see works by Sarah Morris, Michael Corris, Sylvie Fleury, Troy
Brauntuch, Liam Gillick, Sherrie Levine, Michael Craig-Martin, and Ugo Rondinone.
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Paul Abbott - Title: “016_HF#13.9.28.B8”  2013, 13x13” - Medium: Digital print
Really, all the current shows at the Dallas Contemporary had merit. Though JR’s photos were on
the scale and scope of a spectacle, I felt a real sense of charm that resonated with me. These
times and I began to enjoy the objects on display. It helped to have someone like Megan

Lavish - photo by Kevin Todora.