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at Talley Dunn Gallery through May 14th
Bowdoin’s show has to be experienced to get the full effect. I know I harp on how a photograph
can’t capture the experience of art piece, but this show makes browsing an internet site to look
Roots Inside

Natasha Bowdoin, Garden Plot (detail), 2013, site-specific installation with gouache, acrylic, and pencil on cut paper with
latex, acrylic on wall, 10 x 28 x 1 feet.  Photograph by Marc Newton.
Garden Plot Revisited is an installation that made me want to break into a line from Midsummer's
Night Dream or resight a paragraph from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I felt like I was on
Installation View
Both artists deal with the natural world in their works and thus I think this made a nice pairing.
Linda Ridgway, Wonder, 2015, bronze with patina, unique,