Special “Eye” to Watch

Ludwig Schwarz

The unassuming, low profile but extremely gifted Ludwig Schwarz, fortunately for his fans,
continues to live and make art in Dallas where he was born in 1964. He studied at the
School of the Chicago Art Institute, earned a BFA from SMU in Dallas and an MFA from the
School of Visual Arts in New York. Solo exhibitions on his biography comprise Three Walls,
San Antonio, Diverse Works, Houston, Q.E.D. Los Angeles, Angstrom and Road Agent
galleries in Dallas and the McKinney Avenue Contemporary.
Group shows he’s been included in: Centraltrac, Dallas, the PS I in New York, the
Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh and the Smart Museum in Chicago. In the year 2005 he
was honored by being short-listed for Austin’s Arthouse’s $30,000 Texas Prize “the largest
visual arts award for emerging artists in the United States.”    
Schwarz, a prolific painter, primarily working in a painterly fashion in the traditional
abstract and realism modes, using oil paint on canvas, presents his pleasurably
obvious signature style while at the same time shows consistent originality and
diversity in composition, skill with paint handling, and a focus on the medium
and its wide open possibilities.   
“Untitled,” 2009, 6x6 feet, oil on canvas, photograph courtesy
of the artist
Celebrated for making large scale paintings his other distinct, personality/creative
side continues to produce conceptually based, on the cusp art staging positively
humorous but thought through critiques on the scenario of American consumerism
and conventionality. These works, intentionally provocative as they are, purposefully
encompass the viewer to in some way wonder about the point of the message
and if there really is a planned one anyhow.     
“Untitled (Family Portrait),” Ludwig Schwarz, 2005, oil on canvas, 72 x 72
inches, 2 channel video
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