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at the Belmont Hotel through December 11th.
by Todd Camplin

This weekend, it might be hard to get out and see things; especially since so  many galleries are
closed for the holidays. The rest of the week is open, but  if you want a quick fix of art on the walls,
you might try a little bit of Lowbrow/Pop Surrealism by Mark S. Nelson at the Belmont Hotel. Though
much of this kind of work has become main stream, Nelson adds to  this art movement further dialog
of images. I say main stream because, the last time I visited Omaha, the works by Neo Rauch,
Carroll Dunham, and other artists had just came down at the Joslyn Art Museum.  Plus you
have the widely distributed Juxtapose Magazine featuring these Pop Surrealist artists.
Untitled, 18X18 inches, acrylic on birch
Nelson’s playful images of people are contrasted with the very introspective appearance of
Untitled, 18X18 inches, acrylic on birch
Mark Shane Nelson is making work that I have slowly come to enjoy. I would visit places like
Untitled, 18X18 inches, acrylic on birch
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