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at Kirk Hopper Fine Art
by Todd Camplin

This weekend is the last time you can see the Matthew Bourbon show up at Kirk Hopper Fine Art,
and it would be a shame to miss it. Despite the fact that he was one of my professors at UNT,
and that I have reviewed a few of his shows in the past; I say to you that he creates good
paintings which are worth writing about, so you will have to forgive me for writing about
him more than once or twice. After all I write weekly and sometimes for multiple cities, so
occasionally I might talk about a few artists more than once.
If you like Painting with a capital P, then Bourbon is someone you should get to know better.

I mentioned before that Bourbon isn’t affected by what is fashionable in art. Don’t get me wrong,
he is very plugged into the art world around him.  He does write about art, so I know he must see
a lot of work. If you follow art fairs and curators, you can see that subjects, styles, and artists fall
His show titled “If” closes October 1st at Kirk Hopper Gallery. Matthew Bourbon is a prolific
painter and one to watch. You still have time so go see a good painting show.