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by Georgina Callan

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It is the dream of many people to design their own home.  The reality of this dream is that it
involves multiple decisions, includes many people, an amount of money that may exceed
the original budget, and a great deal of time. Building a home of one’s own may also be
one of the most fulfilling, challenging, inspiring and satisfying projects undertaken in life.

Building or creating anything, a company, a business, even an event, requires the establishment
of healthy relationships and the maintenance of sinuous ongoing collaboration and heightened
communication.  Whatever stimulates the first steps in building a home of one’s own, whether
that is a need for more space, frustration at being unable to locate relevant housing, or a desire
to express a personal manner in which to live within a defined framework of style, in other words,
lifestyle, help is needed for execution and completion.

The same holds true if you are anticipating an extensive renovation to an existing structure.
It will be the job of an architecture to unite an expanded footprint to a home that was built
some years ago, or to create a compatible and functional environment within the walls of
the home that already stands, while respecting the original architecture.

New build from the ground up or renovation, it all starts with sharing a vision, even if the
vision is incomplete at commencement.

For a new house, the process is often initiated by the availability of a tract of land, in a
particular neighborhood or environment.  For renovation, the owners and occupants of
a home may find that they are happy and settled within a neighborhood and community
but would like to change the interior structure of their environment, the layout of the rooms,
or expand the kitchen or bathroom areas.