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The Ultimate Modern Christmas Tree
If only we had seen this tree earlier. Check out this holiday masterpiece!
It’s one – or two – of a kind. Originally created a few years ago by design
entrepreneur Brain Bramhall for his home, this year local artist (and friend)
Robert Mateo Diago borrowed the plans and added a new twist – or slant
– with angled rods, off-kilter ornaments and suspension from the ceiling.
Together they plan to take it
into production for the 2010
holiday season (retailing
around $450). If you must
have it now, you might be
able to persuade them to
create a very limited edition.
Be prepared to pay
That price does not include new ornaments, which are needed for both
proper balance and contemporary look (no ‘babies first ornament’ or
hidden pickle on this tree). Also you’ll need a tree stand (if not suspended)
and assembly, which will take the same full afternoon now spent on
decorating the earth-unfriendly live spruce…

No great work of art comes easy.

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