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by Todd Camplin

If you find yourself heading out of Dallas on I20 and you're not traveling 90 miles an
hour like just about everyone else on the highway, then you might want to drop  by
some cultural spots along the way. No I am not talking about first Monday trade days
in Canton, Texas. Though it has its appeal. I am talking about the three art museums
(Tyler Museum of Art, Longview Museum of Fine Art and the Michelson Museum of Art)
along the route to Shreveport, Louisiana.  

Now visiting these East Texas art oases can be a bit of a gamble. You don't want to walk in cold
Japanese Art Deco objects. Any designer that wants  to enrich their aesthetics should make it
a point to see this show. Deco is such a  broad term, but basically it is a type of Modernism
around the 1920's and 30's that  uses clean lines with decorative accents. I have seen
several European and  American examples, but Modernism was a global phenomenon
shows. In the past, I have traveled out to see shows by both Vincent Falsetta and Robert Jessup;
The Michelson Museum of Art in Marshall, Texas is a different creature altogether. Their collection
of Russian/American artist  Leo Michelson (1897-1978) has set the tone of what kind of artwork you
might find in their exhibition spaces. Most art displayed there is relatively conservative, like their
current show of American Legions: Our National Parks. This group of paintings are contemporary
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