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at Circuit12 Contemporary through January 30
by Todd camplin

An argument has been circulating that this current generation has far reaching breadth of
knowledge, but lack much depth in knowledge. So, if this argument rings true, then you would
start to see this reflect in the art being produced. Well, it is true that many of the artists in the
current group show at Circuit 12 Contemporary cover a lot of breadth, I still see some meaningful
depth behind their images.
Breadth knowledge is reflected in this collage society which we have made through cut-out and
ready-made objects in the visual arts, through music in rap and electronic dance, and the grab

Susy Oliverira had a quirky c-print piece titled Hot Wet Planet with suggestive symmetry to boot.
Although this was very leafy and green, I was left feeling unclear where she got the images to
Mathew Zefeldt
Like all group shows, it is hard to talk about all the artists, so I highlighted a few I remember
Susy Oliveira