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Nambé Introduces the New Wood and Metal Collection
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Nambé, the brand known for creating museum‐quality tabletop and
giftware items, introduces an exciting new product concept, which fuses
together  acacia wood and Nambé metal. The juxtaposing of the warm,
satiny wood surface with the cool, gleaming metal creates an elegant,
modern and natural accent for the home and the table.
Twist Coaster Set
Inspired by the famous Twist
Cocktail Shaker, the Twist Coaster
Set has been created by Lou Henry
and retails for $125.00.
Circco Salad Servers
This powerful serving set joins the
Yaro and the Butterfly Salad Servers
and represents a continuation of
the striking Wood and Metal Server
Sets. Designed by Sean O’Hara, the
set retails for $75.00
Tilt Bar Tray
Created by Todd Myers, the Tilt Bar
Tray wonderfully combines the classic,
clean and geometrical design of
Nambé with the new fusion of
contrasting, complementary
materials. It retails for $100.00.
Dharma Chip and Dip
also highly functional – the metal
section can be removed and put in
the fridge or in the oven for the
perfect dip. Designed by Neil
Cohen, it retails for $200.

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