Nasher Sculpture Garden - Diana Al-Hadid
Dallas Museum of Art - Mark Bradford
by Todd Camplin

It has been a while since I made the rounds to the Dallas Museum of Art and the Nasher Sculpture
Garden, but I just had to see Diana Al-Hadid’s and Mark Bradford’s work in person. Both artists
have monumental works that are a must see for anyone interested in art.
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Diana Al-Hadid’s sculpture “The Tower of Infinite Problems”, on display at the Nasher, has what looks
to be like an architectural wreckage. I imagine that this structure might have been a steeple from
a church. I don’t know that Al-Hadid is referencing the separation of art from religion in
contemporary life, but you can certainly see some sort of cataclysmic divide has occurred. There
are some beautiful panels of honeycomb that appear to be part of an interior wall of the steeple
structure. As you walk around the work, you can see a kind of stair step octagon that reflects the
shapes of the smaller honeycombs. I feel as if I am looking at an artifact of an important structure
that has just had a fragment saved. The work reminds me when I visited Ephesus in Turkey. There
was so much partial reconstruction of buildings and you felt that what ever was saved becomes
all that more important to preserve.
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Mark Bradford's show at the Dallas Museum of Art will likely have a life changing affect on
Mark Bradford, "A Truly Rich Man Is One Whose Children Run Into His Arms Even When His Hands are Empty," 2008.