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My fears were pretty much confirmed from the homogeneous exhibition. There was plenty of work
I understand when you have a big show like NTT, you have to delicately balance your presentation.
that this little 18 by 22 inch work was further diminished by the surrounding works and appeared
pushed in the corner. Hung a bit high, but in a good spot, was a work by Suzanne Kelly Clark. A true
technician of her craft when it comes to simulating the look and feel of the natural world, she draws
you into a painting that is not too hard edge and not too muddy with soft edges. When so many
artists are pursuing kitsch or a conceptualist agenda with weak products, it is refreshing to see a
return to the window concept of a painting.
I love the people over at Craighead Green, but I hope they will return to an outside juror next year
Krista Harris - Topiary Lessons
Acrylic, collage, crayon on canvas,  46 x 56 x 2 inches
Owen Drysdalea - Storm of Flour a Song of Breath
Julie Rendon - "No Such Thing"   
24" x 20" x 2"
Suzanne Kelley Clark - "Deep Woods"    
60" x 40"