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The 2008 Paola Lenti Collection
Entering the Scott+Cooner showroom you would expect to find the spectacular
forms and shapes that typify contemporary furniture. For the premier of the Paola
Lenti collection the first thing you notice is a low display with groupings of fabrics
and materials.  Arranged in colors and rolled up like napkins at a strange dinner
setting are the basics for the entire collection.  And what a feast it is!
Paola is a hands-on designer whose
fabrics and tapestries weave the
textures that make her collection of
furniture so distinctive and inviting.  
Here clean geometric shapes meet
the tactile delights of hand woven
coverings, crocheted pillows, bulky
knitted upholstery and rugs that
have to be seen and touched to
be truly understood.  

Paola Lenti and her designers have
taken modern Milan design and
given it a personal and
approachable expression that
looks comfortable without looking
traditional.  Her company’s designs
also feature something very unique
in their function as well.  Much of
her collection is designed for either
outdoor or indoor use.  Rich
textured rugs and upholstered
seating and chaises that would
work in a formal living area or a
poolside patio.
The “Wabi” grouping is intended for
outdoor environments, but it defies
the stereotypical ideas for its genre.  
The upholstery is made with a new
thick and flexible hand weave, which
makes the back soft and
comfortable. It is made of non-toxic,
waterproof and fire resistant silicone,
covered with Paola Lenti’s signature
“Rope”, a recyclable polyolefin
based yarn. The cushions and pillows
are made of a material specific for
outdoor use and are covered with
the new polyester terry cloth.

This seating collection includes 2 and
3 seat sofas, armchairs and lawn-
The colors of the new collection are as inviting as the textures.  All the tones
are dyed exclusively for the company and in colors created by Paola Lenti.
Cool purples and grays with just enough warmth.  Even the brighter accents
are carefully blended to spark but not shock the viewer.  But look beyond the
color to the textures.  Materials in strips and knitted tubes are crafted into
tufted floor coverings and braids giving every surface a subtle movement that
enhances the color with light and shadow.
and bold but feel very cozy and familiar. One of the favorite pieces in the
collection is a deep armchair with tubular knit fabric woven into the arms
and back of the chair.  This grouping called “Ami” expresses the Lenti
philosophy in its design and execution.  It must be experienced to be really


The Scott+Cooner showroom is in the Dallas Design District
off Oak Lawn at 1617 Hi Line Drive.
Wabi Outdoor Sofa
Ami Chair for interior environments
Aster Rug – Hand tufted wool braid


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