Becky Frey
Briggs Freeman Real Estate

Favorite Coffee Shop?
I drink coffee at home in the mornings
before I work out so not a coffee shop
person.  But its fun to go into HP Village
Starbucks because I always see friends

What is your quote?
Never let the fear of striking out get
in your way!  Babe Ruth

When not at the office, where would you
like to be?
Outdoors doing some sort of sport –
running, biking, golf , tennis, walking our
dogs or riding my Harley.
Dinner, four people, one night…
Hmm dinner  – Diane Sawyer, Meryl Streep, Oprah and Sandra Bullock.
I think they would be an interesting mix for a girls dinner.

How long have you been a realtor and what do you enjoy about selling homes?
I have been a realtor since birth – ha – really since I graduated from SMU except
for a couple of years so 27 years.  Wow!!!
And I love the people in real estate – I have great clients who become wonderful friends and
there is nothing better than finding that perfect home for a client. Most of my clients want a
home with some sort of architectural interest – be it modern, tudor, French etc – just not a
box.  I’m very lucky to love my work!
Steven Kinder
Creator of LOFTwall

Books on the Nighstand..
Finishing - Design Thinking in Business, Peter Rowe

Starting- Strategic Acceleration, Tony Jeary

Best concert
1993 while in college in Providence, RI., went to
Big Bead Todd concert at a bar the opening act
was an unknown band called Dave Mathews
Band...totally intimate concert experience
with one of the best bands of the last 20 years
Favorite Blogs :)

Bengal Coast is my current fav
Favorite Dallas Dish
Snuffer's cheddar fries

Perfect vacation.....
Would be endless if life would allow. To take my family on a 8 week trip traveling around
the world (15-20 locations) spending 3 days in different destinations seeing the sites
tasting the local food an then traveling to the next destination....and you can only
pack one carry-on bag per person !

Favorite car (don't tell the wife)  
Ferrari 550 Maranello, silver, red interior to drive cross country

My ideal dinner party would include...
My ideal dinner party would be a fantasy dinner party.  My guest list would include
Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, Charles and Ray Eames, Russell Wright, Picasso,
Bill Mitchell and Raymond Lowey.  Since Frank Lloyd Wright had the biggest ego,
the dinner party would be held at Taliesin, followed by a music performance at
his theater and drinks around a fire under the stars.  I would be drunk on the

Whats your favorite restaurant in Dallas
I actually have two favorite restaurants...Chipolte and Green Papaya.  
Both offer fresh flavorful food at affordable prices.  I am very busy and dining
needs to be quick and uncomplicated.  I love the philosophy of Chipolte
since they use farm raised meats without chemical enhancements and they
buy much of their produce locally.  Fresh, flavorful and fast...
a perfect combination.  

Favorite blogs and books.
I recently read "Loving Frank" by Nancy Horan.  I found it to be a great
combination of fact and fiction and really gave me some insight into the
troubled personal life of my favorite architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.  
Ed Murchison
Virginia Cook Realtors

What hobbies do you have?
I love anything design related.  I collect
classic Mid-century Modern furniture, art
and objects. Russell Wright is probably my
favorite designer because he set out to
bring good modern design to the masses
at affordable prices.  I also love classic
cars from the 50's, 60's and 70's...the 1963
Riviera designed by Bill Mitchell is
my favorite.   

My most memorable moment:
The first time I visited Paris...what an
incredible city.    

Paul Adelson
Owner Select Art

Favorite Quote:
"Art washes from the soul the
dust of every day life"

Best concert:
Those days are a little fuzzy
if  you know what I mean
but without a doubt the
best concert has to be
Free love and being alive
in the 60’s was the best!
Highlight of my career:
Starting my art business....It was 1986-I had just left the fashion clothing industry
and I bought my 1st two real pieces of fine art - a Dali and Miro etching and I
did everything wrong you could possibly do. I bought them over the phone,
from strangers, and even financed them-I don’t recommend this to anyone.

But when I got these pieces framed and up on my walls they altered my life
from that day on. I got so present to the possibility of art and the difference art
could make in one’s life that I just dropped what I was doing and decided this
is my next passion and love in life and I want to share this experience with the
world! I’ve been marketing fine art for 24 years now and I love it as much
today as I did the 1st time I showed art.

Favorite car:
Ferrari-red--it’s art on wheels

My ideal dinner party would include:
Picasso, Warhol, Basquiat, Mel Brooks, Larry David, Pamela Anderson
and of course my wife Sherry.
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