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at Galleri Urbane through May 07
by Todd Camplin

So many exciting things are happening this weekend, I might not get to see half of what I need
to see. Dallas Art Fair will be a must, but two other events will capture a my time as well. The
Dallas Arts Week Party at Galleri Urbane will be my last event to visit on Saturday. To me, it will
be an art week after party. And what better artist to celebrate after looking at a glut of art
than Rachel Hellmann, and her formalist, quiet minimalist works. The other event is on Sunday
at The Fort Worth Modern Art Museum with their opening of Frank Stella’s retrospective.
Rachel Hellmann’s paintings are on paper and on board. I first gravitated to the works on paper,
because I enjoy the play of illusionistic dimensionality. The dimensionality you might get from
Rachel Hellmann - Installation View

Rachel Hellmann  Upwardly Broken, 2016  
The paintings are a kind of relief, which slightly invades your space and makes the work feel lighter
than a solid object. The painting Seems to Waver has a few bright colored lines with understated
colored lines that are thinly applied to allow the grain of the wood panel to come through.
Meanwhile a black triangle points out the right side of the painting. Everything is well balanced
in color and line, yet slightly off balanced by the relief aspect of the painting.
Rachel Hellmann - Installation View
Rachel Hellmann - Installation View
The Dallas Art Week Party will be Saturday from 6 to 9 and Rachel Hellmann’s show will close on