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When I was out and about a few weekends ago, I found myself at a few lightly attended openings.
The Reading Room had felt full, but the space is pretty small. The gallery features the strangely odd,
sometime humorous postcard project of Jennie Ottinger. I wish I would have brought a stamp to trade
with her. Cohn Drennan Contemporary had some very interesting conceptual artists immersed into new
media and data collecting. For a moment I thought I might have stepped into Central Trak. Sophia Le
Fraga had edited some film stills with subtitles and created a kind of found poetry.
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Le Fraga’s use of the familiar and pulling text out of context then collaging it with other film stills
captures much of the Conceptual art spirit. I was extremely engaged by her poems/art images.
Liliana Bloch Gallery’s space hadn't revved up their attendance either, but in their defense, I
did come by pretty early. I hope more people dropped by after I left, because the sculptures
of Ryan Goolsby would be well worth the time to see in person.
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Ryan Goolsby’s sculptures were on my list of things to see in Fort Worth earlier this year. He was

Lean 2 made you lean down a look at the different shades of blue painted in the slats. Since
Lean 1 and Stack 1, 2014, wood, paint
Lean 2, 2014, wood, paint, 4 feet by 4 feet by 16 inches
Untitled, 2014, wood, 8 by 6.5 feet