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Special “Eye” to Watch
June Mattingly // contributing art writer

Kevin Box + Julie Lazarus at Select Art

Traditionally serious artists continually work on new concepts of existing pieces while
constantly coming up with new ideas and Kevin Box fits right in this select category.
“I look at a piece of paper as 'tabla rosa' a clean slate, perfect potential. This potential
is activated by light and shadow as each decision creases into the paper.” His love of
printmaking, origami, “crumpled” paper and paper “planes” shows in his developing
a technique to cast paper into limited edition bronze sculptures completed with
individualistic finishing touches by hand.
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“Temple Mandala,” 2010, Kevin Box

The “Be-Leafs” collection celebrating the fragile nature of leaves is the result of Houston’s
Greenspoint Redevelopment monumental commission “Blowing Leaves” in the planning
phases. In order to meet this young, accomplished artist contact Paul Adelson and/or his
partner Alan Simmons at Select Art, a corporate art advisory service who also represents
Julie Lazarus. Out of an attractive, art filled warehouse/gallery near downtown Dallas, in
business for over 20 years they specialize in and have an coveted reputation for placing
public sculpture and wall art in corporations and healthcare facilities.
The clarity and brilliance of the light and color in the overlapping, flowing organic shapes
of her “mouth blown submerged hand sculpted” glass works suggest the real surrounding wet
landscape, or in the words of the artist, “Venice is a city greatly dependent on water
transportation… traveling by waterbus and about walking through the streets…getting
up early in the morning to travel from St. Marks Plaza, so early that I was the only one in
the plaza with the pigeons.”   

Lazarus received her BA from Hofstra University and a Masters from the University of Tulsa.
She’s working at the moment on a commission for a large glass mosaic concrete
retaining wall for the front of Fort Worth’s Westside Water Treatment Plant to open
next year.

“My greatest joy is in creating work in a way that provides an opportunity for interaction and
surprise when viewers read: Please Touch!

Box received his degree from the well-known School of Visual Arts in New York where he
studied under the two important conceptual sculptors Jackie Winsor and Alice Aycock
definitely not known like Box for working in a conventional medium such as bronze. Box’s
skill and themes in the use of this forever lasting medium rightfully “confirms his contemporary
artistic vision, inspired within an historical context.”  Years of experimentation and innovation
in his foundry outside Austin in self-imposed apprenticeships give him amazing proficiency in
casting techniques, fabricating and finishing processes to create monumental works of art.
Julie Lazarus - is a Fort Worth resident whose two and three-dimensional art projects
- printmaking, painting and mouth blown glass vessels - are inspired almost entirely by her
enjoyment of stays abroad in Italy every summer for the past 16 years. She blows glass under
the guidance of master glass blowers in their studio on Murano, the small island close to the
glorious city of Venice world known for beautiful glass creations from palatial chandeliers to
intricate flower vases, and ships most of it back to the United States. In a contemporary, less
decorative vein, Murano interprets in glass the artist’s personalized vision.  

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