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Shane Pennington
(featured artist September 2007)
updated feature (June 2009)
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Currently, I live and work in downtown Dallas and Boston
MA. I just recently opened my studio in Boston and I
am excited about this opportunity. Dallas of course will
always be my base studio at this time. The energy in
Dallas always gives me such inspiration when creating
my works of art. Most of my artwork is based upon the
layering of images and materials.
“Art is like a rollercoaster. We can all take the ride.
Art gives us our highs and lows without moving
our feet.” – Shane Dale Pennington
I create my art pieces as means to express my thoughts on
society and our world as a whole. My pieces involve many
layers of either paint or mixed media materials using light,
shadows, color, or video. My art is usually dramatic in its
presence and its architecture.
I like to think that as our world becomes more complex
so can our ways to appreciate and view art.
Technology and societal development plays a huge
roll in my work. As we develop and become more
advanced with our technology so will the means of how
we process that information. I have a computer
science background and degree so visually anything
computer based or technologically based is very
exciting to me.
Although, I am not too literal by using digital technology
in my work, I mainly use the philosophy of computer
coding and layering of images and materials to create
my art. Each piece that I create always has a
message about humanity. How we all relate
and fit together in the big picture. At this juncture in
my art career I am in the process of developing
3 different series. One of the series is titled Rorschach.
It involves using several layers of transparent paper
and plastic. I layer these pieces in order to allow
the viewer to see beyond the top layer and into
the second and third layer.
The other two series: Hungry and Leaving the Shade
are mixed media and sculptural. These pieces are
composed of steel, wire, plastic, and digital imaging.
bones in the internet -96"x42"
8 - leaving the shade sculptor - 48"x180"
2- leaving the shade sculptor - 48" X 180"
everything counts
electric - Ikebana
For further information on Shane or to view his artwork,
please visit:
Carmen's Wish, Digital Video Mixed with Acrylic on
Canvas, h156 x w120in, Chase Tower.
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