Shawn Smith - "Re-Things"
at Craighead Green Gallery through December 19
by Todd Camplin

Craighead Green Gallery is showing Shawn Smith’s series titled “Re-things,” which is a collection
of digital animals or fire images made into real sculptures.  Smith is from Dallas and lives in Austin,
and exhibits nationally.  He has been showing with Craighead Green Gallery for over 10 years.
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Shawn Smith has recently received a tremendous amount of press from magazines like Wired
and Juxtapose to name a few. So Smith’s work has had a broad appeal. He along with the
writers that write about his works have had a lot to say about the pixel quality these works
seem to possess, and I agree. The digital quality of the work is undeniable, but when I look
at Smith’s sculptures, they feel extremely out of their environment. Taking a flat 2D image and
moving the image into the 3D world must have taken a huge leap of creative energy, but
when you see the work, you think, ‘of course someone would do that.’
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Todd Camplin
Shawn Smith -  "Puff 2011"
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balsa wood, bass wood, ink, acrylic  

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Shawn Smith
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I think the wave of the future of art should be in the same direction as Smith is working. Information