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at the Crow Collection
by Todd Camplin

One rainy day, during the last weekend of the DMA’s Mexico show, I arrived an hour early.
Thankfully the Crow Collection of Asian Art was open and I ducked in to look around. I have
been to the collection many times and I am very familiar with their permanent collection.
I enjoy the historical prints, paintings, jade objects, religious sculptures, among other
beautiful items. However, contemporary artists fascinate me the most. And the Crow
Collection didn’t disappoint me with the single sculpture by Sopheap Pich.
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I would say it is rare that I would want to dedicate an article on just one piece of art. Except
for The Public Trust Gallery Soliloquy shows, I don’t think I have ever written on a single art piece.

Born in Cambodia, educated in the United States, Sopheap Pich has merged his experiences to
create art that reflects and transnational art style. This art style merges international Modern art
with traditionally homegrown methods and materials. This marriage of experiences from his time
Rang Phnom Flower - Installation
Rang Phnom Flower - Installation
Rang Phnom Flower - Installation

Sopheap Pich’s Rang Phnom Flower will be on display through January 7th, 2018. Also running
through January 7th is the Styled with Poise: Figures in Japanese Painting and Prints. Utagawa
Kunitsugu’s piece titled Lady Tokiwa Fleeing with Children is a quite stunning. Go see Pich at
the Crow Collection, after all the museum is free, but go ahead and drop in a donation if you
can spare it.
Utagawa Kunitsugu (1800–1861).
Lady Tokiwa Fleeing with Children
, 1850s. Hanging scroll; ink and color on paper. 43 3/4 × 22 5/8
inches. Minneapolis Institute of Art, Gift of the Clark Center for
Japanese Art & Culture, 2013.29.170