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If less is more, then necklaces inspired by clean lines and sculptural shapes would exemplify the statement.
Delicate or sturdy, sinuous or straight-lined, necklaces that are “architectural” in aspect, are rarely highly
decorated and avoid embellishment.
A notably Texan item of jewelry is the Cadena Lariat Necklace, available in three lengths (16”,
18” or 20”). It is made of mixed metals, sterling silver, and 14k gold fill. Handmade in Austin, by
Limbo Jewelry, see the range of styles here

Inspired by peeling birch tree bark, artist Lori Meg Gottlieb creates a modernist style sculptural
necklace with organic roots. She layers the metal, roller-prints it, and then hammers it to
create the shape and texture before soldering the pieces together.
The pendant necklace is made of tarnish resistant silver and 22K bimetal. It measures 2.5”
x 1.5” and can by purchased at a length of 16” or 18” from

An artist born in Argentina, and now living in Houston, Texas, works in both precious
and industrial metals to create her hand-crafted one of a kind jewelry pieces.
This yellow gold necklace with white diamonds is available through select stores:

Know a jewelry designer who creates modern style bracelets? Please share with us.

Whereas we tend to think of
statement necklaces as bold
and showy, the clean lines of
architecturally inspired necklaces
deliver a different statement, one
of sleek, premeditated style, and
unlike necklaces that are readily
identified as belonging to a
specific era, these pieces are
Find her work at the Serrano Gallery in Houston.

Pico Design has created a collar necklace with concentric curves springing from a
common point. The curves, which are made of sterling silver and encircle the neck,
are joined by a white marble anchor.
You will find the work here at

Made in gold or silver, this articulated necklace by artist Ute Decker may be configured
in multiple ways, long as shown, or cradling the neck.
Create the shape most suited to you and what you are wearing

Etsy is a great source for all things even if it does take a while to sort through a lot of
images  that may or may not be relevant.  Mountain 47 is the name of a store
operated by jewelry  designer Nava Silbergerg from Israel where it’s possible to
find many jewelry options that  would fit with a modern style of dressing.
Handmade of sterling siler, rhodium plating and turquoise, the necklace will ship
world wide from here:

Grace and Robot is the intriguing name of an Etsy store located in Barcelona,
Spain, but also shipping world wide. The artist combines art with 3D digital
technologies, such as digital printing to create one of a kind pieces.
The red necklace is handmade and 3D printed from nylon, plastic and polished sterling silver.

Nikos Koulis is a Greek designer who applies a contemporary perspective to classic shapes, using
materials with authority and austerity for a dynamic end result.

by Georgina Callan