Frank Badur + Martha Groome + Mark Williams
at  Barry Whistler Gallery through june 20
by Todd Camplin

What is so interesting about minimalist art? Barry Whistler Gallery seems to have proposed this
question by presenting three prime examples of artists that have come out of the Minimalist
era and continue to work and innovate in this calmingly sublime style. Minimalism was an
art movement in the 1960’s and 70’s and Frank Baudur, Martha Groome, and Mark Williams
entered near the zenith of the movement. In 2015, these three artists show that the art
movement is alive and evolving. Their voices are distinct and clearly different in a genre
that would seem to have little wiggle room for much variation.
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left with little information, artists from this era and later generations of minimal artists have explored
minute differences in shape, form, and line. Much of this kind of work is a mediation on the ideas
of simple artistic and natural structures. Frank Baudur’s lines and grids with limited color palette
Barry Whistler Gallery will be featuring the works by Frank Baudur, Martha Groome, and Mark
Williams through June 20th. These works take time to sink in, so at least spend a minute with
a few of these paintings. I hope you will be rewarded for your effort like I was.