at RE Gallery through may 25
by Todd Camplin

The internet makes for quick research and contact with artists and their galleries. Last week,
I found out that Re Gallery was having a show of Travis LaMothe’s paintings, so I looked at his
personal site and emailed him. I asked him to send me his thoughts on his work and LaMothe
sent me four wonderful paragraphs of text. And no Travis, it was not more than I was asking for,
but rather it was insight that confirmed some of my suppositions about the work.  I also had
a great conversation over the phone with Wanda Dye. I think it has been about a year since
I have been down to the gallery, but not for the lack of great shows. I could kick myself for
missing shows like Lily Hanson, Rebecca Carter, and Arthur Pena to name a few. Spilled milk,
I will not be making the same mistake by waiting so long to visit.
Twenty years ago, I went to college for Graphic Design, so paintings that use unfolded box
designs instantly brought me back to those days of experiment with product designs. In fact,
I own 4 books filled with box designs, so the moment I saw an image of LaMothe’s paintings,
I knew I wanted to know more about the work and the artist that made them.  
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Installation View

work at Re Gallery, “Cardboard, larger, invokes a floor plan the same way an object can invoke
the idea of a painting”. This series is a collection LaMothe’s ideas and you can see that he has