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John Cobb: Reclamation"
Henry Finkelstein: Paintings
December 09 - January 20

Henry Finkelstein will give an Artist Talk on Saturday, December 9, at 11:00am.

John Cobb will give an Artist Talk on Saturday, January 13, at 11:00am.
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Henry Finkelstein – Plum Tree, Evening,
oil on linen
Henry Finkelstein returns for his eighth solo exhibition at Valley House Gallery since 2002. A
residency at Rochefort-en-Terre in Brittany, France, in 1992, and again in 2000, introduced him to
this region where he returns each summer to paint. Finkelstein earned his MFA in painting from Yale
University School of Art in 1983, followed by a Fulbright Grant to study in Italy. In 1994, he was
elected a National Academician. Finkelstein has taught painting and drawing in New York City
since 1996.

Unlike strictly abstract painters, I paint mostly from direct observation. Nature offers me a necessary
resistance that I find challenging. To this day, discovering new color relationships as I paint from
nature remains a central focus of my work. I am not interested in documenting that fact of where I
am, but in trying to convey what that place says to me. I go there, I enjoy the light, I enjoy the
history. I’m more interested in my direct feelings from what I see, which come mostly from color.
When I draw for a while, looking for a motif, color starts to give me a real buzz and I get excited.
For me it’s the feeling I can imbue into the work and hopefully communicate to someone else. It is
never fixed, but rather it lives on in its own right. This is the simplicity that I seek.

—Henry Finkelstein
John Cobb – Lakeside Village from Crocketts’ House 2017,
acrylic on cardboard
When John Cobb enrolled in RISD in 1974, his realist tendencies were ostracized. Using funds
intended for his education, Cobb moved to Europe, bought a Vespa, and learned by
independent study in museums and by making watercolors in Morocco, Portugal, Spain, France,
and Italy. When funds ran low he returned to Austin to finish his art degree at St. Edward’s
University. Valley House Gallery has exhibited his work since 2010.

These small works are the result of a tribulation. Eyes that could see only double, a heart that gave
out from chemo, facial surgery to remove half the face; I lived only in hope against hope to be
able to work again. With that old dear longing, restored face, renewed heart, and improving
health, I started again to recline upon the shores of Texas waterways and vistas wishing to express
as simply as possible my love and delight at being able to see and paint again. Also included in
this exhibition will be the egg tempera panel, Christmas, one of the recent paintings completed for
The Chapel installation, now 36 years in the making.

“God bless us one and all.”—Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

—John Cobb