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Donald S. Vogel (1917-2004)
A Celebration
through December 2.
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Welcome Visitor, 1985
oil on canvas
Donald S. Vogel, along with his wife Peggy, founded Valley House Gallery in 1954. As a studio
painter, Vogel allied himself with the temperaments of Vuillard, Renoir, and Bonnard. In his
paintings, he created imagined worlds of color and light; contemplative works that exist as
“moments of pleasure.” Early in his life he decided not to paint the hardships of his youth. Vogel
studied at the Art Institute of Chicago where the Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, and Nabi
paintings were uplifting antidotes to his impoverished circumstances. The WPA Easel Project in
Chicago gave him the prosperity of materials, models, and rent that let him work continuously. In
1942, Vogel moved to Dallas and received news that he won a coveted medal and cash award
from the American Academy in Rome; however, the war prevented him from traveling to Italy. In
1951, he began dividing his time between the studio and the gallery when he became the
director of the Betty McLean Gallery, and then Valley House. Through all the years, Donald Vogel
always thought of himself as an artist first.

This exhibition celebrates the 100th Anniversary of his birth year.