Why Recycled Glass?
by Amanda Robinson
First, let me express how much I love recycled glass countertops. Really,
they are my favorite choice of countertops because they are beautiful,
completely eco and last forever. Recycled glass slabs have a shiny luster
and the multi specs of glass reflect the light creating a sparkling array of
colors. The counter tops look expensive, yet they are cost effective, and
require less maintenance than plain old traditional granite countertops.
In addition, to the aesthetics and smooth finish, recycled glass is also
"highly durable, requires no seal, and are heat, mildew and chemical
resistant." EnviroGLAS, located in Plano, Texas, offers various recycled
glass products ranging from tiles to countertop slabs with so many available
color options these countertops will compliment any style home.

The Eco Reasons

EnviroGLAS products are made up of about 75% post-consumer and
post-industrial recycled glass combined with porcelain Terrazzo. Instead
of  billions of glass bottles filling up landfills,
EnviroGLAS combines glass with
porcelain Terrazzo to create VOC-free tiles which are durable and do not
require toxic chemicals to maintain their beauty. Also, EnviroTRAZ floors
require no grout which happens to be a breeding ground for mildew or
mold to grow.
The countertops and flooring are sustainable because they are made to
withstand the life of the structure and the floors last almost 40 year before
needing to be refinished. You will not need, nor will you ever want to replace
your recycled glass counter tops. If the need does arise for a different look you
can recycled your floor so it can be ground up and created in to a new one

How cool is that?
The Products

EnviroGLAS offers affordable and
scalable recycled glass and
porcelain options for your home.

EnviroSLABs are 1" slabs made up of
100% recycled glass and porcelain
terrazzo that can be cut down to fit
any countertop area. They are
beautiful in the kitchen, bathroom
or even retail or reception counter

EnviroPLANKs™ are square tiles
created to for flooring smaller areas
as opposed to EnviroTRAZ which is
designed for larger areas. Design
idea, you can mix and match the
tiles for a more unique look.

The newest addition is the
EnviroMODE™ slabs which are
made from recycled sinks, tubs,
and toilets. The porcelain chips are
set in hundreds of different colored
resins creating a beautiful contrast.
The end result looks like a pearly,
cobblestone like countertop. The
bright and bold colored resins will
make the white chips stand out
even more.
Check out other products by EnviroGLAS including EnviroTRAZ, EnviroSCAPE™, and
EnviroSAND®. Contact EnviroGLAS at
www.enviroglasproducts.com or call,

See for Yourself

Don't just take my word for it, please take the time to see for yourself. You will be able
to find examples of all EnviroGLAS products in Dallas Texas at DFW Airport, Parkland
Hospital, The Dallas Center for Architecture, Starbucks (Highland Park, TX) The Wishing
Place (Irving, TX), and Bass Concert Hall at UT Austin. So after you see EnviroGLAS
products in person, really the question is "Why not recycled glass countertops?"
Enjoy and don't forget to recycle.
Dallas Center for Architecture
EnviroGLAS is a member of U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and their products and
offer 7 out of 69 points in a LEED®, the "Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design"
Green Building Rating System.

Learn more about the process or order samples from
www.enviroglasproducts.com or call,
1-888-523-7894. Will ship anywhere in the US. A few additional recycled glass companies
IceStone (NY), Vetrazzo (CA), UrbanSlabs (CA).

Amanda Robinson

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