ZOLi, with its reputation for aesthetic appeal, balanced proportions, contrasting
textures and harmonious combinations, is debuting a new line of sleek, modern
bath elements.

The Loft + Bath Series represents the next stage of evolution in ZOLi’s mission to turn
utilitarian space in to a work of art.
ZOLi’s Loft + Bath Series is like couture for
your bath, and is best described in terms
normally used for fashion: Elegant, textural,
aesthetically balanced, beautifully
accessorized, rich in every detail, and of the
utmost quality and craftsmanship.
Whether you’re attracted to a stainless sink with a leather wrapped cabinet and
matching stainless hardware, or a concrete sink atop a beautiful glass counter
over a contemporary wood cabinet, ZOLi’s Loft + Bath Series has something
to appeal to every sophisticated taste.

Factory craftsmen hand-select and color-match the finest real wood veneers,
hand-sewing them to ensure a consistent flow of seams from piece to piece,
and then hand-applying them in a time-honored level of craftsmanship.
Each wooden piece in the series is available in three finishes: Wenge
(deep brown), Maple (golden yellow) or Plomo (grey). All of the glass unitized
in the Loft + Bath Series is float glass, never inferior recycled glass.
Color is applied to the glass using a proprietary, multi-stage process resulting
in clear, vibrant tones of black, silver, white, burgundy, red and orange.
ZOLI’s concrete basins are hand-poured using the highest-grade sand,
sediment, pigment and water. After curing, each is hand-polished to bring
out its characteristic naturally distressed look and unique characteristics.
Stainless steel sinks are 2.0 mm thick and use a material with increased
resistance to the humidity unavoidable in the bath. The leather lining the
cabinets and accessories is genuine and coated with a protective layer to
prevent staining and water absorption, and its origin in Southern Spain
giving this leather a special level of luxury. Renowned as a source of
luxury shoes, the same techniques and processes used to produce a pair
of $1000 designer shoes are utilized for ZOLi, resulting in leather that‘s
made to last and withstand moisture.

The new line of metal accessories – including what may possibly be the world’s
most expensive stainless-steel waste can – are made with a solid brass core
finished in a chrome or stainless finish, so the towel bars, robe hooks, shelves,
toilet roll holders and more are produced in accordance with strict European s
tandards and contain no plastic.
Find Zoli at the following stores:

Ferguson                                                214.761.9333
TKO Associates                                     214.741.6060
The Bath & Kitchen Showplace           972.329.0387
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